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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 18:42:24 1998

;-) Clearing the snow from my glasses, I saw Wirehead Prime typed:

> Max Eskin wrote:
>> If you ask me, it is better to have a social life and do drugs (though
>> I am firmly against drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and firearms)

Uh... right. :-(
How can you be so firmly against drugs, etc... and condone their use?
That's highly illogical.

> re: cool - vs. - uncool

I agree totally.

>As for my wife, she's beautiful and would never have married me if I'd
>been into drugs. She married me because I'm sweet, stable and
>loving...which is something you don't become by using drugs. Granted,
>there are alot of "computer divorces" but I've cultivated a sense of
>priorities that prevents that.

Same with my wife, except: I *won* her heart in part due to my computers
(which _really_ helps my argument for the full basement... ;-) and because
I could provide a stable home life, etc. Let's take a vote:

My dad is a trucker. He works very hard, was a good provider. Never home
tho. Damn near got divorced. My dad's middle brother - trucker. Never home.
Divorced. (Remarried the same woman, but...) My dad's youngest brother - an
engineer on the Great Lakes ships. 1000 foot freighters don't dock on your
driveway. Thankfully, no plans for splitsville yet, but he never sees his
1-1/2 year old girl, either. My brother - a weldor. (uh, yea - that
spelling *is* correct. ;-) The "welder" is just the juicebox.) He works for
a company that paints watertowers - very dangerous work. Also, how many
watertowers do you have in your town that *need* repair? Marital Status:

All of these people said I was foolish for "playing with those stupid toys"
instead of learning to "work like a man." Yes, I may spend more time in my
basement than all of the above combined, but my family is just upstairs
where I can see them -- or they can come down to see me. I come home every
evening (except for overtime or poker night) and of all mentioned, I have
the happiest home existance. Now how's the geek?

>Anyway, I'm going to get back on topic now...

As shall I - and the whole reason for this e-mail:

A reminder that 18/19 April 1998 there will be a CoCoFest in Elgin Illinois
(NW of Chicago). (I believe it's the 8th annual "Last" CoCoFest ;-)
Everyone with (or who likes) a CoCo come on out of the basement, bring your
CoCos with you, and head on over for a weekend of fresh air (unless it's a
southeast wind... <g>) and socialization with both carbon and silicon-based
life forms! Want more info? Email me at the address below.

Yea, yea, yea... I'll shut up now!

Keep workin' on those Facial Tans! (Who needs MPR-2, anyway? ;-)
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Roger Merchberger       | If at first you don't succeed,
Programmer, NorthernWay | nuclear warhead disarmament should *not*  | be your first career choice.
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