CoCofest conflict (was Re: Improve your socialization skills!)

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 19:23:24 1998

Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Uh... right. :-(
> How can you be so firmly against drugs, etc... and condone their use?
> That's highly illogical.

The keyword is freedom of choice, but that's off-topic here - that's for
the libertarian mailing lists that constitute the other 70% of my inbox.

> A reminder that 18/19 April 1998 there will be a CoCoFest in Elgin Illinois
> (NW of Chicago). (I believe it's the 8th annual "Last" CoCoFest ;-)
> Everyone with (or who likes) a CoCo come on out of the basement, bring your
> CoCos with you, and head on over for a weekend of fresh air (unless it's a
> southeast wind... <g>) and socialization with both carbon and silicon-based
> life forms! Want more info? Email me at the address below.

Why does the good stuff have to happen at the same time? That's the same
weekend as the Trenton Computer Festival about an hour drive from here --
my fiancee's choice is obvious.
Ward Griffiths
Dylan:  How many years must some people exist, 
			before they're allowed to be free?
WDG3rd:  If they "must" exist until they're "allowed",
			they'll never be free.
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