new additions: macs!

Date: Sat Jan 24 20:05:14 1998

a friend and i lurk a local forsale newsgroup, and we picked up a bunch of b+w
mac goodies. we got:

3 page monitors, not tested. two use a db9 connector and the other uses a
db15. two are radius, one is an off brand. i've no way of testing these.

platinum plus with 4 meg works good. i noticed the system board on this mac
has 4 sockets with metal locking tabs, instead of the plastic ones which break
way too easy. this must be a later model board that my original platinum plus
i have.
mac 512k model. boots ok, but when accessing a disk with the noisy floppy
drive, the screen narrows and gets a sad mac with f0064 or similar. sounds
like a dodgy power supply for which i have a spare.
mac se shell in excellent shape. i might swap my beat up se into this better
two mac 512k machines with something interesting called a hyperdrive. it's a
daughterboard that runs a mfm drive crammed in behind the tube. one 512k is
missing the drives, the other is complete. the drive is partitioned into 3
partitions. clever idea.
also got some 400k floppy drives and an apple personal modem which plugs into
the wall and is the platinum colour. model a9m0334. 300, 1200 or 2400 bps?

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