IBM Portable Personal Computer

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Sat Jan 24 20:26:32 1998

I paid the same for my Portable as my 3270pc (complete w/monitor) --

Don't feel bad. I recently pulled down a good little Compaq Portable
III lunchbox w/286 & 287 for 6 bucks...

Utah sucks, except for its thrift store computer shopping....

I watched 2 rainbow 100s and a decmate II sit for months. I would have
bought the decmate, but there seemed a small short in the power from the
cpu to the monitor. As it is one of those integrated power cords, I
figured I'd probably electrocute myself dickin with it.


> i havent had any problems finding either a 5140 or 5155. i have two portable
> pcs and one convertible which i traded a nic for. i have seen 5155s at several
> hamfests, and even saw two at a hock shop for $150 each <!> I have a book that
> says the 5155 was "rare" but i disagree. i'd much rather love to find a
> complete 3270pc or a xt370 or even an at370.
> david
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> wrote:
> << I don't know, Sam, but as one who does a bit of IBM collecting, there seems
> to be many more 5140s floating around out there than the 5155s. I have a
> perfect 5140 in my collection, but the 5155 has eluded me (so far).
> Cliff Gregory
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