Diagnostics for IBM PC AT ver 2.02

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Date: Sat Jan 24 15:35:55 1998

> Ad wrote:
> > I'm looking for a disk called "Diagnostics for IBM PC AT ver 2.02".
> > To setup my old 286 with a Seagate type 42 HD
> While I don't think the setup disk is difficult to obtain for the IBM, there
> is a shareware program called GSETUP31.EXE that will do the same thing, only
> easier. It should be available at a number of places on the net. I have
> used this program occassionally and it seems to work very nicely. FWIW, it
> will not support the user defined disk drives.
Yeah to everything, simtel sites should have several little programs
that allows configuring MOST machines that did not have access to
CMOS settings. Oh, The late type 2 AT and XT 286 motherboards have
late bios that supports 1.44 floppy drive. The offical ibm
diagnostic disk do not have this option within the s/w. Again, the
whole line of early (pre ps/2) 286 machines had 3 types of bios as
well, first one was 17 (I think) hd specs enteries so on until total
of 46 types.

Compaq pre to late 386/486 models requires special disk to access
cmos. After this point, on those machines, on screen shows upper
left, blinking underlined cursor moves over to a blinking block
cursor at upper right for a moment then back to original. Between
that at that point hit F10 key to get into cmos setup and some is
user-defineable as well.

Late PS/2 equipped with IML feature and later ones to enter setup
screen, hit alt+ctrl+ins. Early PS/1's Must have those setup
files at least 2 files for 2 different functions on a bootable disk
and manually start it. (weirdo, kluge thing.)

Jason D.
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