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From: Steve J. Quest <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 02:29:22 1998

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, PG Manney wrote:

> Do NOT put trichlor on hot metal (such as a fuser), or else you'll end up
> with phosgene gas, which is -- shall we say -- slightlu harmful. (It was
> one of the war gasses used during WWI).

        Phosgene is NOT produced from trichlor (1,1,1,trichloroethane).
Phosgene is carbonic dichloride, a compound with the deadly properties of
both chlorine AND carbon monoxide! TCE (trichloroethane,
methylchloroform, chlorothene) was produced as a safer substitute for
carbon tetrachloride back in the 60's and carbon tet was removed from the
market. IT IS CARBON TETRACHLORIDE that produces phosgene when it is
reduced on a hot surface. Carbon tet (tetrachloromethane) hasn't been
available for 30 years! Funny how legends continue to spread. :)

> I've heard that trichlor was outlawed, but I still see it around. My
> favorite all-around solvent is MEK, but I haven't tried it on toner.

        They sell it in every hardware store and lumber yard.
Chloro-clean is how I buy it. It is the #3 known carcinogen on the list,
down from the #1 chemical carcinogen, PCB (poly chlorinated biphenyls).


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