From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Sun Jan 25 14:42:54 1998


"Several" Sun 3's? How bout swapping a Sun 3 for a NeXT Turbo Slab?

-Mike Allison

(Since you have so many, any I have none???)

Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:
> In the spirit of the last few posts:
> Hi, I'm new to the list. My collection so far includes several Sun 3
> models, Atari 8-bit and ST stuff, a couple of old AT's and XT's, Apple
> II's and Macs, and a few CP/M machines. I am a former refugee from the
> mid-80's Atari user's groups, when the same people would meet
> *socially* twice a week - once for the Atari group and once for the
> skeptics/athiests group. Pleased to meet you all....
> BTW, is there a publicly available archive for this list?
> Regards,
> Aaron Finney
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