Atari 800/ 800XL DOS commands?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 01:12:27 1998

On 25 Jan 98 at 19:38, Cord Coslor wrote:

> Hello:
> Here's my question. I am trying to figure out how to load certain
> commands on an Atari 800xl. I guess I should say 'files'. I can load
> BASIC files just fine with DOS loaded, I just exit to BASIC and
> RUN"D1:game.bas" -- is there a way to do it directly from DOS 2.5, etc.,
> without going back to BASIC?
> And, my primary question.... if I see a machine language file in the DOS
> directory such as ataridemo.obj or, how can I load these. I
> have interpreted from some other sources that I need to reboot without
> the basic cartridge in to run a machine language program, but how
> 'actually' do I do it? I don't see any of the menu options under DOS
> that say "load machine language file: " or anything like that.
> Please respond back if you have any information, as I am trying to
> catalog all those Atari 800 (and everything) disks.
> Thank you very much,
It's been a long time since I fired up my Atari 8-bits,(Ihave a 2600,
800, 65gs, and 130xe, as well as some STs) and I've never used an XL
so I have to try and dredge up from "Mapping the Atari" which is
mainly programming-related and "Your Atari Computer " which is very
basic. I also have 810 and 1050 drives. Some applications written for
the 800 (not XL) don't support the XL but most do ( There's a
program called "Translator"). There are also differences in DOS 2.0
and 2.5 -- 18 vs 26 sector tracks. The 1050 will sense density, the
810 won't. According to the book, the XL had a built-in BASIC
although it was compatible with earlier cartridges and a self-test
feature like the 65GS and 130. This is accessed by a reset without
the BASIC cartridge, SELECTing the test and then pressing START.
  Entering DOS should bring up the 2.5 MENU which has Directory,
Format, etc as well as Load binary. pressing L will default to a
query for specs. Some programs included an autorun file or
loader program. IIRC simply entering RUN the program name
would work. You can also use OPEN #1,6,0,"D:*.*." to get a dir. read.
 Likely your best source for info is the comp.sys.atari.8bit FAQ.
Hope this helps, it's been a while and since I've been fooling with
numerous OS , it sometimes gets jumbled in my head.

ciao larry
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