Offtopic: Can't we all just get along???

From: John Higginbotham <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 08:52:29 1998

Offtopic observation, last you'll hear from me about it:

It seems that there was at least ten times more mail complaining about the
"offtopic" thread than the number of messages that made up that thread. Now
if it were up to me, I'd rather see a few "offtopic" posts than see all the
cat fighting going on because a few people want to complain publicly about
a thread, one in particular doing most of the complaining. Different people
can interpret a FAQ different ways, no two ways are exactly right. Wouldn't
it be best to use that little ole delete key instead of generating even
more "offtopic" messages to the list? Maybe I'm alone in my thinking, I
can't assume that what I think is precisely what other people think, and I
should therefore be the self-appointed leader of said people. This is just
my opinion, and I guess it's worth almost as much as the electrons it is
printed on.

And on that note:
I am not writing this message for public reply. If you feel you do have to
reply publicly, fine, I can't stop you. If you'd like to tell me where to
stick my opinion, I can be flamed at: (if you do
flame, please, at least make it interesting reading, because I have seen
just about everything where flames are concerned.)


- John Higginbotham
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