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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Date: Mon Jan 26 10:39:27 1998

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Larry Anderson & Diane Hare wrote:

> While on a recent excursion to Stockton (a realtively close big city
> for us) we stopped by one of those 99 cent clearnace centers and I was
> surprised to find boxes of disks available. I picked up 90 DS/DD
> diskettes for just $8.91, 9.9 cents for a 'new' brand name disk is
> pretty good.

Every once in a while you actually find something cool at those places.
There is a 99 cent clearance store (same chain as the one you went to
Larry) near me where I found a bunch of mid 80s computer programming books
(all in a series). The titles were like '6502 Assembly Language
Programming' and 'Z-80 Assembly Language Programming', 'FORTH', some
others. I bought all of them at $.99 each (about 35 in all) kept a set
for myself and sold the rest on Usenet. I still have a few copies left if
anyone's interested.

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