Better Computing Through Alcohol

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 13:36:18 1998

> Finally, alcohol. Interesting points about Prohibition (which we didn't
> have over here). Thank you whoever posted them (even though off topic).
> Denatured alcohol here is still "Methylated Spirit" - i.e. it has had
> methanol added. It has also had pyridine (I think) added to make it
> look purple and taste foul, and it is therefore even more poisonous, but
> it doesn't leave a residue.

Actually, I considered the topic of alcohol to be on topic. One of
the things I have had to deal with is old circuit boards that were
hand-assembled. Typically, the solder side of these boards are
covered with flux resudue.

Now I realize that this residue is inert, and has reasonably good
dielectic properties, but it makes the assembly look like h***. I'm
into the habit of cleaning this stuff off, and to me, nothing works
better than pure 'hooch' (chloro-clean is a tad expensive, and I
consider MEK to be a bit too harsh).

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