Wanted Bernoulli drive

From: Martin Evans <martin_at_paladio.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon Jan 26 14:15:03 1998

    The drives have rubber parts that cushion the heads when they're
disengaged with the discs. Over time these become very sticky and will
hold the head off the surface of the disc and can give faulty
read/writes .... the remedy is to just remove them, the drives work
perfectly without. Ours did this after about 8 years and after taking
the parts off ahve worked for another 3 year with no problems.

  (I presume you're using them with an SSL mixing console 'cos they
recommend this.)

In article <34CBB4B8.3B5A_at_studiobuffo.com.pl>, Jarek
<bufforec_at_studiobuffo.com.pl> writes
>I am looking for 20M removable bernoulli drives. I use them in my music
>console rack. Since two weeks I have problem with it and I can't read
>old data. I make few radical steps included filter exchange but without
>succes. This units are dedicated to my system and I can replace it only
>for the same 20M drives. Maybe somebody, somewhere has useless items in
>a basement store...
>Thanks for colaboration.
>Warsaw 25.01.98

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