Better Computing Through Alcohol

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Date: Mon Jan 26 11:39:10 1998

Major snipe!

> You know, I have long argued that this stuff decomposed over time,
> but I never got any hard evidence on this. All I know is, that when
> I worked for FLUKE in the early 80's, it was SOP to remove all traces
> of flux from assemblies after they were repaired. The metrology guys
> figured it helped long-term repeatability and drift.
> Old habits are hard to break.
> Jeff
Well, this was not certainly old habits, I have very inate
(unatural) strong intinitive (6th sense) of noticing something is
amiss and fix by anormal manner.

When I come across any equipment that is years or 1 year old, scraped
the flux, it came off like 3 days old icing in clumps and bit sticky.
When scraping the freshly, seconds old, soldered joint with too much
flux, chips and shatters like a glass.

So, still wants to know.

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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