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Date: Mon Jan 26 18:51:44 1998

At 01:14 PM 1/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Yeah, I've been looking for an expansion module. Hope I see one....if
>anyone sees any let me know what the going prices are...
There was one for sale recently on ebay; I forget what it eventually sold
for, but it was:

Compaq Portable III ISA Expansion Unit. (item #3694518)

You can do a search to look up the final price. Also, I know where there
may be one for $100, but you have to take the Compaq it's attached to as
well. 8^) (Condition unknown, etc.; it's outta my price range.)

P.S., Just to let folks know, this list doesn't get anywhere near as
off-topic as a couple of Land Rover lists I'm on, and it is nowhere near as
well policed as the Dressage list.

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