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Date: Mon Jan 26 17:46:22 1998

> part of my new additions last week was a bunch of old mac stuff. i finally got
> one of the 400k drives, but its having eject problems. the mechanism was stuck
> so now im able to get a disk in, but when i call it to eject, the motor turns,
> the disk lifts up to the slot, but wont pop out, then the mechanism goes back
> down in position to read the disk. it does the same thing when i use a paper
> clip; it will go up, the disk will stay in, then it goes back down into read
> position. amazingly, the drive works fine otherwise. i dont quite understand
> the mechanicals of it, anyone have ideas?
> david
This is common problem with any machines that factory-grease or oil
gave up it's ghost. With cleaning fluids first, please, to wash out
those old lube and dirt collected during lifetime then relube it with
proper types that will not go bad. Strangely, these old grease
looked the same and low quality as in lamp turn-switches assemblies,
many vcrs, old tape players that I repaired. Brownish-amber colored

Lubes types:
WD40 and any 2 in 1 oils are N.G.
Lithium grease (used same way in vcr's) is great lube.

The mac floppy drives ejector/rail mechanicals and the die-cast base
of heads, spindle /w circuit board unit seperates after undoing few
E-clips and (screws?) also maybe needs to replace the worn eject

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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