Development, round II

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Date: Mon Jan 26 17:52:38 1998


> Well, just off the top of my head, the original IBM PC came
> with two 5 1/4"
> floppy drives. That tells me you'd have to be crazy to even attempt using
> the cassette interface. Either that or have some special purpose
> application (don't even want to imagine what).
> Zane

AGain, off my head. :)

To develop on this topic, actually, IBM offered both or three
options: on original first PC:
one is has no floppy relying on basic ROM for anything and tape port,
two is has one drive and number three has both.

The orignals were lower density like 320k each at first but quickly
gone after XT came out with standard 360k drive or two, or floppy and
10mb HD.

Jason D.
Pero, Jason D.
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