Development, round II

From: Peter Prymmer <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 11:34:05 1998
Subj: Re[3]: Development, round II

Philip Belben wrote:

>REXX on a PC? I think I have heard (very dimly) of this (there was
>something called REXX-88 or some such name when I was at IBM) but I
>haven't used REXX for years! What does it run on? Will it run on a
>Compaq 386? An IBM AT?

Yes - it is an optional part of an IBM PC-DOS 7 installation. I believe
that someone mentioned that that OS will run on any Xt or better PC w/
512k memory or higher. Of course the other PC OS with great built in
support for Rexx is OS/2. I do not know about any ports to Microsoft OSes
nor any of the variety of UNIXes available for Intel machines. Nor do I
know what relation this (Rexx w/ PC-DOS 7) may bear to the REXX-88 product
that you mention - does that run on MS DOS e.g.?

Peter Prymmer
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