Interesting Find

From: Cliff Gregory <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 17:17:53 1998

Found an interesting (at least to me) luggable/portable at the local thrift
the other day. It's a Sharp PC-7100. Very compact and sharp (no pun)
design. About half the size and weight of an old Compaq, with a detatchable
keyboard, tiltable LCD screen, 5.25 floppy, 20 meg hard drive. It booted
fine from the hard drive (MSDOS 3.2).

I haven't taken the time to open it up and look inside, but I ran MSD from a
floppy, and it reported the computer to be a Sharp/ERSO, 8088 or 8086
processor, 704k RAM. When I browsed the ROM memory, the result was:
aVADEM-SHARP Personal Computer System Firmware Version 3.0B copyright 1985
Vadem Inc.

I did a cursory search on the net for more information but came up empty, so
if anyone can help with more info or docs for this one, I would appreciate
it. BTW, the screen has a blue/purple sort of tint to it. Kind of
attractive in a psychodelic sort of way ( oh please, no more drug-related
threads <g>).

Cliff Gregory
Received on Tue Jan 27 1998 - 17:17:53 GMT

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