back ontopic: mac 400k drive.

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 18:20:33 1998

Obviously from the number of (correct) responses you got. We've all
pulled this $hit apart enough to overqualify ourselves as field reps.

Why would anyone who responds that way be on the list? Do people think
these things come in mint condition with software in the shrinks?

I wanna meet the man who bought a computer and programs and nothing has
ever happened that wasn't a normal feature cited in the manual. What
happens when things go wrong? They just take it back for new, I guess...


Tony Duell wrote:
> >
> > Big CHOMP!
> >
> > >... You could hose up the head, or send a minute
> > > electrical charge through your body that could affect your ability to
> > > reproduce in the future. Unless you are really good with working on tiny
> > > mechanical parts, save yourself the headache and replace the drive.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > To vent abit...
> >
> > This reponses is typical of tech-support droid who do not wants
> > anyone to mess with internal computer parts without giving any tips
> Well said. I agree 100%
> Not only do I _enjoy_ doing repairs, but I am getting fed up with the
> number of times I've received replies like :
> 'Monochrome monitors are old-fashioned. You can buy a new SVGA colour
> monitor for less than the cost of repair'
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