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From: Doug Coward <dcoward_at_pressstart.com>
Date: Wed Jan 28 00:46:30 1998

Andrew Gammuto said:
>I never saw anybody use the cassette port for practical purposes. In fact, I
>never saw a cassette drive from IBM. Good trivia question. Has anybody >ever
>seen one? I do remember reading something years ago about hobbyists >using
>the cassette port for plugging in wierd hardware hacks.

 I don't think IBM would have made cassette recorders.
 IBM made a cassette adapter cable for the IBMPCjr, but I don't think
one was ever made for the PC.

Pero, Jason D. said:
>The orignals were lower density like 320k each at first but quickly
>gone after XT came out with standard 360k drive or two, or floppy and
>10mb HD.

 It was DOS 2.0 that increased the formatted capacity from 320K to 360K.
Fun Fact:
  ( system requirement chart for DOS from
    the IBM Personal Computer Software Library

DOS version Computers
  1.00 PC
  1.10 PC
  2.00 PC, XT
  2.10 PC, XT, PCjr, Portable PC
  3.00 PC, XT, PCjr, Portable PC, AT
  3.10 PC, XT, PCjr, Portable PC, AT

Notes: DOS 3.00 does not support the 30MB IBM
       Personal Computer AT. DOS 2.00 or higher is
       required for fixed disk storage. DOS 3.10 or
       higher is required for operation on the IBM
       PC Network.
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