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From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Wed Jan 28 02:10:21 1998

Wonderful things, but....
I was looking around on eBay, and found several things that cought my eye.
Hey, there's a Mac IIx 2/40 for $2! But pay another $20-50 more for
shipping? I could probably find it for the same price or cheaper locally.
Well, it will take some time... The most recent IIx I've seen for
sale(although much more RAM/HD) is $175. But I HAVE seen them around(before
I got interested in collecting computers) for anywhere from $10-500. It's a
crazy world... Everyone always asks me why I don't have a C64 or TRS-80 or
any of those type of computers. Well, I was offered a TRS-80 Model 4, I
offered $5 for it, he responded that he didn't even sell it when he was
offered $75 a few months earlier. I either run into people trashing or
giving away their computers(Series/1, Apple IIe, PS/2 Model 50Z) or they
want to sell them as antiques(and at prices much worse than any antique
store I'VE ever seen...). Would someone hurry up and invent a time machine?
Zip back about 5-10 years ago when people didn't really care either way and
pick up some collectors pieces for $5 and come back to the future where
people sell them for $500...

-JR http://members.tripod.com/~jrollins/index.html
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