Running UCSD Pascal on an Apple II

From: David Williams <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 07:57:55 1998

Any idea what UCSD uses in Applesoft that it would require the
roms? I know it doesn't require the "autostart" monitor rom which
came with the II+ because I replaced mine with the older II rom and
UCSD still ran fine. Of course I still had the Applesoft BASIC code
roms in the machine, but that was just the language interpreter. I'd
be curious to know for what or why UCSD would make use of the BASIC

On 28 Jan 98 at 11:35, Sam Ismail wrote:

> I believe the issue is that UCSD Pascal requires the Applesoft ROMs,
> which the older II's did not have. I believe the Euro+ was simply
> the European version of the Apple II+ which came with Applesoft
> ROMs. UCSD Pascal also requires 64K and thus requires a 16K
> "Language" card.
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