Development, round II

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 17:54:14 1998

;-) Clearing the snow from my glasses, I saw

[nip about REXX]

>REXX is/was
>quite a nice language to use, but some features rendered it unsuitable
>for serious programming - numbers, for example, are stored as strings of
>digits in the character code of the machine you are using...

Uh, Sir Philip?

Maybe there are other reasons that your statement of unsuitability stands,
but I can think of one programming language that's very handy (& powerful &
serious) which stores it's digits as charcter codes: Perl. From experience
I can tell you that one heckuva lot more stuff gets done with Perl on the
WWW than Java -- and it's a lot easier to pgm. in.

Guess what! This is still ontopic for this list... there's a version of
Java for almost every 16-bit or higher machine available -- including a
native version that runs on an Atari ST... (version 4.035 and I think you
need a meg to run it -- I've done it!)

Anyway, have fun!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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