Development, round II

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 18:21:25 1998

At 07:54 PM 1/28/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> You could actually get four, supported by the motherboard switches. ($529
>> each, IIRC) There was some sort of expansion box, or you could get external
>> drives. I presume that's what the connector on the back of the FDD
>> controller was for.
>Even if you mounted the external drives in the 5161 expansion box, you
>used the DC37 connector on the floppy controller. You didn't use a second
>controller card for the extra drives.
>You link this connector using a 34 wire cable with a 'PC twist'. Pins
>1,2,20 on the connector are not used, then pin 3 becomes wire 1 of the
>cable, etc. An IDC connector works fine,
>My XT has 2 360K drives (IBM-badged) internally, and 2 720K drives hung
>off this connector.


    There were aftermarket controllers made that had the external connector
and supported 720K, 1.44 or even 1.2 Mb drives. FWIW I bought an early
NEC laptop. It had a connector on that could be connected to the external
floppy port and a ROM resident that turned off the CPU and memory and let
you use the two internal 720K drives as external drives from a PC.


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