New Acquisitions

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 01:35:05 1998

I have been a bit slack for the past 6 weeks or so due to an unexpected
quintuple bypass in early December. But things are now getting back to
normal and I am again picking up machines. On the day I was released from
the hospital, the graveyard shift nurse offered me the opportunity to use
the Internet connection at the nurses station, and of course I gratefully
accepted. In the process of introducing her to ebay, I noticed a coin
operated Heart Rate Monitor for sale. I showed her how to bid using that as
the example, and I ended up buying it for $31 plus shipping. Turns out that
it was manufactured by Golden Circle Marketing Co. in Milan, Tn. and was
made somewhere around 1981 judging by the code dates on the chips. If
anyone just happens to have the schematics for the unit, I would be most
interested. It doesn't have a processor on it, and appears to be a
collection of mostly SSI chips. Shouldn't be too hard to draw out the
schematic, but I would prefer to pass on that particular opportunity :).

The newest acquisitions include an Atari Portfolio with several RAM
cartridges and manual, an HP75D along with its docking station, and a
Toshiba T-1000 laptop. I also received from a friend of mine a Zeneth
SuperSport and an Epson Equity LT, both with carrying cases. In early
December before the surgery, a friend acquired and gave me a Memotech MTX512
almost new n the box. Last night, another friend provided me with a Timex
1000 but I haven't had the time to take a look at it yet. The above
computers were all provided at no charge.

One of the really neat acquisitions I bought from a local thrift store was a
Max Steele Robot, including manuals, that seems to work just fine! In
checking out the web, it appears to have a 65C?? processor and was built
around 1983 or so. Apparently, there were only about 5000 built. Had to
pay $10 for that unit.

Last week, I finally made a connection with someone (after about two months)
to buy an HP 86 and HP 87 with a number of modules, an external floppy disk,
and assorted documentation at $75. Haven't fired it up yet, but they are
neat looking machines!
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