Development, round II

Date: Thu Jan 29 09:50:01 1998

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<< > I looked in my never used copy of os2 version 1.3 standard edition and
> no mention of rexx so maybe it arrived in version 2.x but i'm not opening
> shrinkwrapped version to find out! minimum requirements for 1.3 are a 286,
> 2meg, and 12 meg of hdd space.
: Worth a try then. But am I right in thinking that the AT doesn't
: implement all the 286 modes properly? I'm sure the XT286 doesn't. >> AT doesnt implement 286 models properly? i dont get it. AT=80286. now,
all 286 machines had a limitation about being able to switch from protected
mode to real mode and back to protected mode without major work and/or a
reboot. the 386 does this all smoothly under software control. it's also my
understanding the XT286 is just a regular old 5170 board in a 5160 case.

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