Pile of computers in Australia

From: adam_at_merlin.net.au <(adam_at_merlin.net.au)>
Date: Wed Jan 28 17:50:28 1998


Recently I tried advertising for obsolete computers in a national
computer trading magazine, and it has paid off well. But I just got a
phone call today regarding an old Smelter near Mt Gambier in South
Australia. Apparantly they had a huge pile of old computer equipment,
and they went through and sold off the relativly new stuff. What they
have left is a whole lot of old stuff (around 15 years+) includig a huge
number of PCs and XTs, XT laptops, terminals, a mainframe, "a hard-drive
as big as a computer", terminals, and, presumably, a volume of non-dos
stuff. The guy I talked to has no idea what it all is, just that they
want to get rid of it really cheap. It's too much for me to handle on my
own, and it certainly is nowhere near where I live - would anyone else be
at all interested too?

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