IBM Portable Personal Computer

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Wed Jan 28 20:55:04 1998

> I've got the Techrefs in front of me (PC, and PC/XT)
> The PC motherboard schematics show that all 5 expansion slots are wired
> in parallel. There's nothing odd about any of them.

H'm. I use third-party books. Suppose if I wrote the author they'd put out
an updated edition?

> The schematics for both versions of the XT motherboard (64K-256K and


> > FWIW, I've run a variety of cards in XT slot 8 and PC slot 5 with no
> > problems.
> On clones, sure. But I have a genuine IBM PC/XT on my desk and the
> built-from-a-kit 8255 card wouldn't work in slot 8 without a little extra

> logic (which I made from unused gates on the card).

Nope. Real true-blues. Maybe it gets more tolerant with time?

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