Update on finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Thu Jan 29 20:29:18 1998

It's been awhile with the snow and cold I do not get to make all the
rounds. But here goes in the last few weeks I a PCjr and keyboard without
cable for free; Panasonic model RL-H7000W luggable for free some damage to
housing; another HP Thinkjet without power supply; Apple numeric keypad II;
3 Apple extended II keyboards for free; Mac SE/30 M5119 works great for
$15; Mac Classic M0420 works great $15; VisionScan scanner model n205 no
power supply for it-free; Information Storage Optical Disk drive for free;
3 IBM 3363 units for free; IBM 5144 monitor on a stand uses phono jack
hookup only free; several Mac plus kb's and mice for free; Alphacom 42
thermal printer very strange plug on this unit, anyone know how you power
this printer; Sun SPAREprinter model QA-6, anyone know how to do a self
print test on this unit I can not find any buttons or anything; AMSTRAD
640K PC keyboard in great shape free; Apple modem A9M0300 with power supply
free; Apple modem A9M0301 (2400b) missing power supply free; IBM Colorjet
printer 3852 model 2 free; GTCO Corp Digi-Pad5 controller blackbox free;
houston instrument pad model DT-11;Gulton Industries Recorder TR-711 TAC-59
free;2 Apple PC 5.25 drives A9M0110 can read PC 360k disk free;
ColorMonitor IIe free; IBM VGA 8513001 free works great; Apple Imagewriter
II A9M0310 free; IBM PS/2 50 with keys not tested yet free; Control Data
model 831 needs work free;Wang PC382 not tested yet $15; UNISYS Scanner
flatbed $10 not tested yet;Sun kb and mouse; NEC PC-8300 free not tested
yet someone built a power supply into the battery compartment; a Scanjet
controller card free and not tested;Commodore executive SX-64 portable
works great at Goodwill for $15;Commodore 64C in box with manuals for free;
Apple IIe 80col card for free (new in bag); AE timemaster card for apple
free; and a large number items not yet 10 years old but the prices were too
good to pass on and this way I will the units when they are 10 years old.
There are more items but I will stop for now. Keep Computing John
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