More stuff

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 22:09:31 1998


  Picked up a few more items today. A book named The AmigaDOS Manual by
The Bantam Amiga Library and a copy of the Operating Manual for Jet also
for the Amiga. Also two manuals for Commodore disk drives, one says 1541C
and the other says 1541. And a GEOS User's Mamual for the Commodore 64 or
128. Any need any of this stuff? E-mail me privately.

  Also got a strange Commodore cable. It has what looks like a double
ended HP-IB connector one end and a card edge connector on the other. All
the connectors have 24 contacts. Both ends have a heavy braided ground
strap. It looks like it's about 2 foot long. Any one know what this is for?

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