REXX and Amigas (AREXX)

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 19:50:31 1998

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> >REXX on a PC?
> The Amiga also has ARexx, not sure how long, but I've an Amiga OS 3.1
> manual on it.

AREXX was introduced as a third-party enhancement sometime during
Workbench 1.3 and quickly became a popular cross application protocol.
By Workbench 2.0 it was integrated into the operating system and became
a standard component. Most of the apps for the Amiga now have support
for AREXX control (one of the reasons it was such a dream for the
video/graphics whizzes as they could have several programs automatically
process images and digitized video without much effort)

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