Point Four, Anadex, C-64 questions

From: Richard W. Schauer <rws_at_ais.net>
Date: Thu Jan 29 22:10:29 1998

I have several questions on some computers I have that I'm stuck in the
mud on.

Point Four Data Systems Mark 3 minicomputer: This thing dates from
1985-ish. It's rack-mountable, and I have a CDC Lark 25+25MB removable
hard drive for it. The manuals I got with it are for a different model of
computer. I can get into the MANIP monitor but few of the commands do
anything (particularly the one to IPL off the drive- it either hangs or
goes back to the MANIP prompt immediately.) I don't know if the drive
or any of the cartridges contain anything at all. Does anyone know
*anything* about this thing? Any info would be helpful, as I'm out of

Anadex DP-6500 RapidScribe printer: I'm told it works. All of the DIP
switches are set off (and there's 30+ of them). It doesn't do much at
all. Does anyone have the DIP switch settings for it? I've searched the
WWW and found ribbons for sale but that's it.

Commodore 64: I bought a boxful of C=64 stuff today at a nifty junk market
I've never noticed before. The 64 boots to one of the following screens
(at random): black, blue and black stripes, blue and red stripes, red
screen, red-white-blue-black stripes, white and black stripes, or
multi-colored graphical garbage. Does this sound like a common failure
mode, and if so, which chip?

Also, what's a fair price for a Coleco Adam system: 2 keyboards, memory
box with datacassette drives, external numeric keypad with knob (paddle?),
and printer.

One more: fair price for Apple //c+ system: CPU, monitor, two disk drives
(one Apple, one other).

Enough questions. Thanks for your help,

Richard Schauer
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