Found some printer cards for Apple ][ computers

From: Gary Oliver <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 02:33:07 1998

At least it's what they appear to be...

Found at a local electronic "computer" store: several
printer cards for what appears to be Apple ][ computers.
(I'm not an Apple person, so I don't know the bus layout.)
The connector is a 50 pin edge-card (25 per side)
and there is a 20 pin header on the board, to which
attaches a companion flat cable with a conventional
Centronics-style 36 pin connector at the end. The cable
is 3 feet long, and it looks like it was meant to
exit the enclosure and plug directly into a printer.

There is an on-board 2716 eprom (I might dump the contents
at work to see if there is any manufacturer info inside.)

There is absolutely no manufacturer name or info on the
board other than what appear to be part numbers (I think):
"APL B" and "SP-201-EP-0" in the silkscreen and "H-002" in
the copper foil. Parts are all SSI (74LS00 series) with
date codes around 1984.

They were free, so if anyone wants one or more, let me know.
All I ask is shipping or "you pick up." I'm in Corvallis,

Oh, and I should say for emphasis: I HAVE NO IDEA IF

Contact me by email if you want them. I don't have any
Apples, so don't have a reason to save them. Just didn't
want to see them dumpstered.

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