Apple ][+ OS

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 02:51:16 1998

>Yes, I know about the IIGS, it's a pretty nice GUI machine. When I was in
>second grade, that's all that they had in my old school. But, I'm not
>getting a IIGS, I'm getting a II+, the one that came before the IIe. (I
>think) Anyway, is ProDOS the best?
> Also, does the Apple ][ juse SS/SD disks? If so, where can I get osme?
> Thanks,
DOH! Did I start off on the IIgs again? I didn't even notice you were
talking about the II+... THIS is why I shouldn't be allowed to send email
at 12:30 in the morning!. OK, for the II+, ProDOS is probably what you
want. DOS 3.3(I've never seen this one) or CP/M(only one I have is my Hayes
SmartModem 300 disk) are supposed to be around. Do you know how much RAM
yours has? I have an extra copy of ProDOS(still shrinkwrapped!! I'm not
sure which version), and it needs more RAM than a stock II+ has. I guess
whatever a II+ with a memory expansion card would have... I seem to
remember 64k being on the box. As for the disks, I'm not sure. Try digging
around at, it should have plenty of info(I know it
has a link to the csa2 newsgroup FAQ).

-JR - Computers - Star Trek
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