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Date: Fri Jan 30 06:01:57 1998

look inside your ][+ and see if you have a language card. if so, you have the
64k needed to run prodos. the latest and greatest version of prodos 8 won't
run on a ][+ i think, only an enjanced //e. if you dont, you can only run dos
3.3 i myself prefer both. i remember when prodos first came out and everyone
had an issue with the restrictive 15 character limit for filenames. that was
back before i worked with mess-dos and that 8.3 filename limit...


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<< OK... well, if I can't find anything else, I'll take the old copy, as I
 think that you might want to hang on to the shrinkwrapped copy. I wouldn't
 know what it was like, as I wasn't around when it was made. But, anyway,
 I'll take the old copy, you can use the new one, as a "liscense", make a
 backup copy of the disks, and then everyone's happy. ;-)
     Thanks for the help, >>
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