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Date: Fri Jan 30 07:19:11 1998

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>>> Other manuals that would be good would be the (they did the Hardware)
>>> manuals. I remember 2-3 years ago sitting in the computer room while at
>>> sea, looking over and being dumbfounded that one of the guys was studying
>>> core memory for a test he had to take.
>>What is so odd about this? There is still LOTS of core still in use by the
>>military. Why? Because you can beat the hell out of it.
>At the time I wasn't into old computers, only the latest and greatest. As
>such, core memory seemed incredibly ancient. We were on an Aircraft
>Carrier, and to the best of our knowledge nothing was still using core.

   Until recently (or maybe still, I'm not sure) all spacecraft had to use
core to prevent data changes caused by cosmic particles. A lot of space
rated core still shows up in the surplus around here (30 miles from KSC.)

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