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From: Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk <(Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk)>
Date: Fri Jan 30 06:45:02 1998

> > Sun SPAREprinter model QA-6, anyone know how to do a self
> > print test on this unit I can not find any buttons or anything;
> It will not do much unless you have it connected to a SPARCstation
> running NeWSprint. The SPARCstation also requires a special S-bus card to
> interface to the printer.
> In other words, you have either a worthless printer, or a good excuse to
> go get yourself a SPARCstation.

Oh, come off it! Surely there must be some way of finding out the
protocol and building an interface and/or writing drivers for another

Which reminds me - I have a couple of Diablo 630 printers with ECS
daisywheels which have strange edge connectors on the back. I am told
this is a Qume Sprint 3 interface - has anyone got a technical spec.?

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