Win 3.0

From: Les Berry <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 10:50:50 1998

At 09:46 AM 1/30/98 -0500, Allison J Parent wrote:
><I might be mistaken, but I somehow recall that someone said that
><it was possible to run windows 3.0 on an XT???
><A buddy of mine gave me an unopened box of v3.0 but the back
><says it requires a 286.
>As best we could figure it may be a later version kit that does not have a
>MDA/herc driver or some such. My copy of 3.000A does run on XTs and is
>installed on a DTC turboXT so it runs in my lifetime. I didn't say it
>would be fast. FYI a fast disk really helps.

Well, the sticker on the top says that it is version 3.00(3.5) but it does
say that it will support CGA or Hercules so I might be in luck.

Had an AT&T 6300 sitting around and thought it might be neat to run
it on this. It's got an old Micropolis 40 megger on it thats pretty much empty.
(Does anyone else think that the sounds made by old MFM drives is really
cool??) On a different note, the monitor I have is an AT&T model
as well that "shows up" as a CGA but looks a hell of a lot like EGA.

Is it some kind of "Super CGA" that wasn't really supported by anyone?

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