Development, round II

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 16:14:01 1998

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > On my web site, I express my hopes to develop software to help rescue
> > old cassette data by digitizing the tapes. I'm still hunting for
> > specifications of the old formats.
> OK, I'll build a web site this weekend that describes the Kansas-city
> and Tarbell standards. Will this be useful?
> > I just got a box full of Altair-era cassettes on loan. I plan to
> > digitize them now and rescue the data later.
> If you wanted to make some digitized fragments available, I'd gladly
> make some guesses as to the format.
> I think your approach (digitize now, analyze later) is 100% the right
> decision for old media. The more oversampling you do, the better!

An excellent idea. Disk is now cheap, tape is now fading.
Ward Griffiths
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