Off-topic again (Waz: Military Computer Books...)

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 19:09:56 1998


  However - we better watch our step as this is
> a clip from email I received from the Sam Ismail about information like
> this
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Once again, you've perpetuated off-topic non-sense thus


'Scuse me, but...

No matter what the private matter the language
used...perhaps private e-mail should stay private. I am uncomfortable at
your sharing Sam's private opinions with everyone.

Perhaps I'm defending Sam's feeling needlessly (Not meaning to do that, as
Sam can do it himself without my unsolicited help), but defending my
interests as well -- I, too send private e-mail to list members.

If the discussion on this listserv continues to degenerate to that level --
and with the constant name-calling -- I, for one, will not feel that my
interests are well-served by subscribing.
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