Development, round II

From: Bob Withers <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 19:41:15 1998

IIRC they started officially calling it Warp with V2.0, the first release following the Microsoft/IBM breakup.


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At 12:34 1/30/98 GMT, you wrote:
>BTW What is Warp? Is it the OS/2 windowing system? If so, why would I
>want to use it at all, let alone on a 286? ;-)

Warp is OS/2v3. You couldn't use it on a 286, but if you had, say, a
486/33 -- do pardon me for mentioning a nine-year-old part -- it would
begin to be worth playing with. My copy of Warp is still very much to
hand, and I think anyone who can scrounge up an appropriate computer should
run it (for a while) if they have the opportunity, because it's a real

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