Point Four, Anadex, C-64 questions

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Fri Jan 30 20:00:17 1998

There are a couple of great web pages for the Adam and one does repairs and
has tons of parts. You can get the data tapes there. John
At 08:20 AM 1/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At the thrifts they are always priced at $50. or greater. The Adam is three
>pieces, and two of the pieces are on the large size. Those doing the
>pricing at the thrifts seem to equate size (and number of pieces) with
>price, so these systems tend to be priced higher than average. If you want
>one and can find one locally for $50 or less, then you should probably grab
>it. You can find them advertised on the net for less, but the shipping
>costs will kill any savings.
>BTW, don't make the mistake of leaving the printer behind if the pieces
>happen to be priced separately. The power supply for the computer is in the
>printer so you need it to power the system. Also the data tapes are
>non-standard and are becoming harder to come by.
>Cliff Gregory
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>>At 08:36 PM 1/29/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>> Also, what's a fair price for a Coleco Adam system: 2 keyboards, memory
>>>> box with datacassette drives, external numeric keypad with knob
>>>> and printer.
>>>$25 - $30 as long as it works.
>>I have to disagree here... I'd say $50-75, possibly as high as $100 with
>>the extra parts, depending on how badly one wants one. (Again, assuming
>>it's working.) Mind you, that's what I'd feel comfortable selling it,
>>wihtout feeling like I'd ripped someone off. I don't know if I'd pay that
>>much right now, but catch me in a good month...
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