Development, round II

From: Peter Prymmer <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 00:11:02 1998
Subj: RE: Re[4]: Development, round II

Bob Withers wrote in response to Kip Crosby who wrote in response
to someone else:

>IIRC they started officially calling it Warp with V2.0, the
>first release following the Microsoft/IBM breakup.

That sounds about right to me. I had read somewhere that there was a general
Star Trek theme to code names for OS/2 and the first was "Borg" - but I may
be wrong about that. I have floppy and CD-ROM boxes from IBM on the shelf
above me that have the name "OS/2 Warp Version 3" on them*. OS/2 Version 4
was called "Warp Connect" to emphasize the ease of internet connectivity.
The next version was to have a different Star Trek name altogether but I do
not recall what it was supposed to have been.

Peter Prymmer

*for the curious: system requirements on the box for Warp 3.0 were listed as
"Intel 386 SX-compatible of higher; 4 MB minimum of RAM" (<- widely regarded
as a joke among OS/2 users who knew that 8 MB RAM was a minimally configured
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