Development, round II

From: Peter Prymmer <>
Date: Sat Jan 31 09:36:06 1998
Subj: Re: Development, round II

Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

>Warp Connect was _not_ OS/2 4.0, it was still 3.x as was Merlin (I
>haven't bought it yet, the local stores no longer bother with IBM at
>all and I don't mail order software). OS/2 2.x was _just_ OS/2, the

OK - I stand corrected. BTW Fry's in the SF bay area has been selling
OS/2 4.0 for quite a while.

>name Warp arrived with 3.0. I don't know what rumour mill came up
>with the "Borg" name, but it's total bullshit -- OS/2 predates that
>Trek concept by several years.

That too is what I thought (I don't follow Trek things at all).

!> *for the curious: system requirements on the box for Warp 3.0 were listed as
!> "Intel 386 SX-compatible of higher; 4 MB minimum of RAM" (<- widely regarded
!> as a joke among OS/2 users who knew that 8 MB RAM was a minimally configured
!> system).
!Runs better than Windows 3.1 on a 386/25 with 4 Meg RAM. I assume
!the above quote was pasted from from somewhere, because you've never
!used it (OS/2) yourself. Remember, Windows 95 supposedly can run on a
!4MB system, says my package.

I ran OS/2 v. 2 on a friends system (and helped him with the memory upgrade
from 16 to 32 meg). I also ran the Rexx gopher server on version 3 (Warp)
on a system with 16 Megs of RAM. I never ran Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
on either machine so I cannot make a direct comparison (Win NT 3.51 was
running on the latter machine long enough to allow setting up the OS/2
installation). We also played around with the Voice control on a beta
release of Merlin (thanks for reminding me of the code name) but that machine
was eventually pressed into service running NT (I never saw it after that).
The advice of "you should have more than 4 MB RAM" was taken from my friend
(who is still quite the OS/2 zealot) and I thought that I had read it in the
paperback version of the OS/2 FAQ as well - but I could easily be mistaken
about that latter source. I am quite glad to hear that your performance
was so good with only 4 MB - great OS isn't it?

Peter Prymmer
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