WANG WLTC up for trade

From: Charles A Davis <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 18:20:24 1998

Jason Willgruber wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I have a WANG WLTC laptop computer (circa 1980's). I do not want to sell
> it for cash, but I'd be willing to trade it for another unusual
> portable/laptop.
> Here's some specs on it:
> -NEC V30 (8086) processor
> -10MB Winchester Disk
> -External Centronics-type SCSI port (HD is also SCSI)
> -Built-in thermal printer, with roll/cut sheet capabilities
> -512K RAM
> -RS232-C Serial port
> If you're interested in it, email me, and I can send you more info and/or a
> picture of it.
> There is, however, a problem with the internal (regulating/switching) power
> supply. It runs the computer, but keeps blowing a capacitor. It also
> needs an external P/S and battery. The battery is 10 sub-cells (with a
> resistor - I have a schematic). A Tyco 20VDC racing transformer (the kind
> for the little car/track sets) will run it.
> I had an offer to trade it for an IBM PC-Radio, but I never got a reply.
> If anyone has one of these, or any other odd or unusual laptops/portables,
> and would be willing to trade, let me know.
> ThAnX,
> --
> -Jason
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> ICQ#-1730318

Hi Jason:

This is just a guess, but I think that the 'blown capacitor' problem is
directly related to the 'TYCO' power supply. It's output IS going to be
_very_ noisy, when compared to computer grade supplies. The peak voltage
is probably what's killing things. I would look for an 18v supply.

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