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From: Jack Peacock <peacock_at_simconv.com>
Date: Wed Jul 1 19:22:07 1998

While checking some boxes in the computer room, I found these old spare
DEC Q-Bus parts. They actually belong to the company but if you are
willing to pay shipping plus trade something (cash is ok too) I can let
them go. AFAIK all boards were pulled from working systems several
years ago. Contact me at peacock_at_simconv.com

MicroVAX I board set and cabinet kit (serial console connector)
4MB third party Q-BUS memory card, no RAMs (takes 256K DIPs), works
great w/uVAX I CPU
(you need VMS 5.0 for this, 5.1 and later not supported)
11/23 CPU board and cabinet kit
(2) DEC memory boards (I think 256KB and 128KB, not sure)
both memory boards were with the 11/23
MicroVAX 3500 CPU (KA650) board, no cabinet kit (might have it, not
(2) 8MB memory boards for the KA650
(this CPU has the older boot ROM, no SHOW command)
KDA50 disk controller 2 board set (was with the 3500)
RL02 Q-Bus disk controllers (2) I think RLV21s, have to look
12MB expansion memory for a VAXStation 2000
(6) DEPCA ethernet boards for ISA bus, old ones w/48KB buffers
(all modified for Pathworks drivers)

If you have stuff to trade, I could use any of the following:
TK50 drive w/SCSI interface (TZ30 or TK50-G) internal preferred
16MB 72pin SIMMs (x32 or x36, EDO or FPM)
IDE or SCSI disk drives 1GB or bigger
4mm or 8mm tape drives
a flatbed scanner that works with Win95
a Q-BUS IDE or SCSI disk controller
useful S-100 boards (tell me what you got)
Atmel 89C2051 ucontrollers
a monitor that works with the GPX board set in a uVAX II
Cyrix 686 or Pentium 166 CPU chip (working on a flaky Motherboard)
33.6 modem ISA card that works with NT4
memory for an Alpha 500au

or if you have something else to trade, let me know, make an offer.
not interested in consumer computer stuff (i.e. apple, IBM PC, amiga
        Jack Peacock
Received on Wed Jul 01 1998 - 19:22:07 BST

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