On Epson Px-8 Geneva

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_uswest.net>
Date: Wed Jul 1 23:52:49 1998

>Please i need of your help, in this moment i am using a Epson PX-8 Geneva, i
>need use the micro-cassette drive in the CP/M and the BASIC resident, you
>can help me, please send me command (CP/M and Basic) for this micro-cassette
>drive and more usefull command of CP/P (I only use Windows and DOS), all
>information on this great machine what you can send me,
The tape drive can be accessed via the function keys at the top of the
keyboard, but I don't remember exactly how. I haven't played with my PX-8
in a while. But it can be kinda tricky to use(not just the tape drive, the
entire computer. I just can't get used to that little display...).

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