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From: Rax <rax_at_warbaby.com>
Date: Thu Jul 2 03:47:07 1998

>At 07:49 PM 7/1/98 -0800, Rax wrote:
>>Thanks to the noble efforts of John Hickenbotham, my computer/internet
>And thanks for the equally noble effort at spelling my last name. It's
>Higginbotham. :) Good work on the timeline. Hope to see it develop more in
>the future.

Mea culpa. It's just one of those days when I'm trying to do too many
things at once and not paying enough attention to any one of them.

I once had a brother-in-law named Hickenbottom, and in the course of making
sure I didn't confuse the two names and refer to you as Higgenbottom, I got
the last part right and screwed up the beginning.



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