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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Jul 2 07:31:03 1998

>> I think that $200 is approaching the very-high-end of anything I would
>> go after myself.

> So, if I offered you an Apple 1, one of 200 made, for $1000, you'd turn it
> down?

Depends on the situation -
If I don't have it (the money), I would just pass.
If it's a single talk, I would try to barter for the price.
If its a competition, I think I'll have to pass since USD 1000
wouldn't be the last call.

> Whenever I see a system I want, I go through several rationalization
> exercises. The first is "new systems cost much more and are much less
> interesting."


> If that doesn't work, there's always "I haven't bought a new car in a
> while, so I'll get this instead."

Thats only the irrational exit if the rational way says no.

> Then there's "if I value my time at $X/hour, and it would take me more
> than Y hours to find this thing on my own, then it's worth at least $X*Y
> to buy it from this guy."

Nice, I have a similar system, used not only for computers.

> For small stuff, I have a simple metric: sheer frivolous entertainment is
> worth about $3/hour to me (e.g., movies: $6, magazine: $3, a good
> book: $12, etc.), so if I can gain at least $X/3 hours of enjoyment from
> the object, that's a buy signal.

Hmm, don't fit my intention - 10 minutes of 'boh ey' it's mine
could be more worth than 0.5 USD :)

One of the nice things in collecting old computes and other
stuff is that one could find things _unbeliable_worthy_ for
zero money (or almost), since the value ist more determinated
by our private idea about this particular thing. Example: I
aquired some weeks ago two sealed ROM cards for the Apple II.
They are just cheap (custom) ROM boards covered with blue resin
(? Giessharz in German - don't know the exact term in english).
Early designs of softwareprotection true hardware. They are
complete worthless in any sense, but I enjoy it a lot to own
them. So, whats the price ? If the owner had asked 20 USD, I
would never had paid it.


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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