Whheee! Saved from a dumpster...

From: Max Eskin <maxeskin_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Jul 2 13:15:49 1998

Well, I am letting three Compaq deskpros rot in the rain outside-
I just have nothing for them to do. I'm sure they still work.
Anyone know what compaq made that godforsaken power interface for?
>Saved a Compaq Portable(w/5.25" FD and unknown 5.25" FH HD) from a
>dumpster... AFTER a 10 foot flight into it! Plugged it in and it still
>works... Needs some repairs, I can hear stuff rattling around inside,
>it does work... Booted from the hard drive with Compaq DOS 3.31. Also
got a
>MasterSport 386SL(386SX-20, 4MB RAM, 63MB HD) and a 486
>set it up with Linux or something). Also getting a 1970 VW Bug for my
>birthday next week... I suppose this makes it a good day despite the
>clip on my radio breaking this morning(now I get to make a nice metal
>to replace the broken plastic one).
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